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An evolution of our previous range, the new range of Zhik dinghy boots improves on grip and durability, while adding more comfort. The High Cut Ankle boot is an update to a favourite amongst the sailing community, and a great all-rounder. A new moulded, rubber compound sole boasts even more grip. New quick lock lacing system makes it easy to put on and take off. Improved ankle strap design removes bulk but retains support. A reinforced midsole and moulded heel cup add structure and support to the boot. The boot is shaped on Zhik’s unique ergonomic lasts, allowing a firmer, closer fit with more comfort, and reduced chafing. With 4mm neoprene construction and 2mm rubber upper, this boot is suitable sailing all year round.


  • EVEN MORE GRIP New rubber compound, moulded sole
  • NEW QUICK LOCK LACING SYSTEMMakes it easy to put on and take off
  • IMPROVED ANKLE STRAP DESIGNRemoves bulk but retains support
  • MOULDED ON ZHIK’S UNIQUE ERGONOMIC LASTSAllows a firmer, closer fit with more comfort, and reduced chafing
  • QUICK DRYINGWith fast draining
  • MOULDED SOLE WITH ARCH SUPPORTWorks with the quick lock lacing for a firm & secure fit


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